Want to take an adventure? I made one for you.

Prep sketches of the EMU Emu. I like the top left guy, but in the end, I settled on simplicity. See the final version below…

Independence Day 2010 in Boston, Mass. Our buddy Justin was doing a top secret internship with a really well known school for smart folks. Needless to say, we were impressed. 

My wife remarked that being in the birthplace of “independence” made the holiday more meaningful. There was a palpable excitement in the city that I attempted to capture in this short video. 

Sadly, the bitrate for internet viewing puts some of the jump cuts out of sync with the music. This thing is way tighter on my home computer… I will play with settings to see if I can true it up.

With Eric Pitzer, Justin Ziniel and me and my lady Laura. Music by 
Vampire Weekend.

(You can find more of my video work here.)